The Original Dulcimer Players Club was founded in 1963 by hammer dulcimer players
Gene Cox and Elgia Hickok. Meetings held in the early years would bring less than
twenty players from a region near Evart, Michigan, where folks would come to play and
share tunes. Word quickly spread, and the gathering grew. In 1973 the first hammer
dulcimer festival was held at the Osceola County Fairgrounds in Evart. The festival's
original purpose was to invite musicians who played other acoustic instruments, to add
variety to the sound of the large collection of hammer dulcimers. And thus even today,
all acoustic instrument players are welcomed to this predominantly hammer
dulcimer event.
    Now known as the "Grand Daddy" of all dulcimer festivals, the ODPC FunFest
is the largest gathering of hammer dulcimer players in the world. Each year on the third
weekend in July, several thousand musicians and music lovers come home to the
fairgrounds in Evart for the ODPC FunFest. Whether you are new to the instrument or a national hammer dulcimer champion, or even a person who just likes to listen to the music, you will feel welcome at FunFest. It draws musicians from around the world who come to enjoy several days of concerts, workshops and memories. You can find more information about the ODPC Funfest at:

52 Years Ago ...

Gene Cox

Elgia Hickock

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